• Exploration survey planning, management, and supervision by means indirect methods: remote sensing, aerial photography, geological mapping and gephysics methods.
  • Preliminary or detailed exploration survey planning, management, and supervision by means direct methods: shallow sampling and/or continuous core sample extraction boring. Borehole logging, mineralogical-textural characterization, data processing and analysis, and geological interpretation.
  • Laboratory testing planning, management and supervision. Result analysis and assessment.
  • Preliminary assesment and economic feasibility reports.
  • Mining properties evaluation and assesment.
  • Reserve and resource evaluation.
  • Reserve and resource evaluation audit.
  • Exploration programmes and work plans management.
  • Geotechnical works.
  • Hydrogeological model development. Piezometers and gaugin stations planning, monitoring, maintenance and control.
  • Quarry and open cast mining approval reports.
  • Environmental impact assesment prior to mining.
  • Environmental monitoring for projects and restoration works during mining. Environmental restoration projects for affected areas by mining at the end of the same.